Our vision is to empower young adults and employers to build entrepreneurial skills and behaviours that drive success

Executive Team

Jon Allen


Sales & marketing professional with over 15yrs experience creating, growing and selling disruptive concepts into new markets. Crowdcube Entrepreneur of the Year 2012.
As an entrepreneur and having worked within organisations I have a good insight into the benefits an entrepreneurial mindset can bring to the right organisation

Sallie Allen


Board Level HR professional. Former Head of Operations for £12m IT Services Business.
I'm very passionate about peoples' development and the opportunity to make a real different to many young peoples' lives

Prof. Elizabeth Chell

Research Lead

Elizabeth provides unrivalled academic rigour on entrepreneurship Professor of Entrepreneurial Behaviour, who has been at the cutting edge of academic Entrepreneurship for over 3 decades and had over 80 academic books, papers and research papers published
I've studied entrepreneurship and youth enterprise for over 30 years. I am very proud of Enploy’s test and believe it’s the first of it’s kind on the market

Prof. Richard Crisp

Research Lead

Richard is an award winning scholar, writer, and educator in psychology. His research focuses on the biases of the human mind, and crucially, how to overcome them. He's published over 130 academic papers and is author of several books including The Social Brain
This is a great opportunity to use proven tips, tricks & techniques to improve the mindsets of young people

Kumar Raqhav


Extensive background in architectural design, development, testing and deployment of Enterprise Infrastructure, Data Automation, Business Intelligence, Windows, Linux & Networking technologies
I have an entrepreneurial spirit ,self and intend to bring this to the development our of tech infrastructure and product development roadmap

Clients & What Others Say...

  • Enploy has developed a unique test and from a big employers POV those with entrepreneurial mindsets are really important. They’re the people who will take risks and innovate. If I look at my old company John Lewis, we made progress when we took the biggest risks.
    Andy Street
    Former CEO John Lewis
  • The guys at Enploy have been great to work with. We've used their tests to deliver workshops and meetings where we challenge business leaders on their competitive advantage and ability to unlock & maximise their teams entrepreneurial spirit
    Greg Tufnell
    Chairman - Satchels, NED - Radiant Law
  • We've used Enploy's tests on our Youth Leadership Programme to help gauge where participants are at the start and end of our six month programmes and to help offer a leadership programme that gives participants the opportunity to gain relevant skills for today’s marketplace
    Kelvin Hughes
    CEO - Future First Global
  • Organisations of all sizes want employees who are enterprising, proactive and able to take ideas and turn them into something real. We use Enploy's tests to add value, interactivity and content to our educational courses for students.

    Paul Adams
    CEO - Virgin StartUp Education
  •   Employers are looking for a completely different mindset than 20yrs ago and tests like Enploy's can help them nurture their talent and identify and train their future leaders for success

    Lee Currier
    RBS Entrepreneur Development Manager