What We Do

    We teach entrepreneurial skills to help young people & companies succeed.

  • Online Diagnostic
    Identify strengths & growth opportunities
  • Learning & Development Platform
    Bite sized videos, self-reflective tasks & techniques to use
  • Face-to-face workshops
    Interactive sessions that reinforce our online learning
  • Insight & Analysis
    We use AI and tutor insight to understand distance travelled and impact on participants

Entrepreneurial Skills for the 21st Century

    Participants learn to think & act more entrepreneurially across six core areas:
  • Opportunity Recognition
    How much get up and go you have
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Your ability to empathise
  • Creative Thinking
    How innovative your thinking is
  • Risk Taking
    How comfortable you are with being uncomfortable
  • Self Belief
    How much you believe in your ability to do something
  • Leadership
    Motivating, encouraging others and setting the example

In a Nutshell

'Cost effective, scaleable and measurable...'

Our critically acclaimed, digitally enabled programmes typically run over 3-6 weeks with a blend of online & workshop activity. We focus on enabling each delegate to unlock their full potential.

Learners leave with tips, tricks & techniques to help them take initiative in the face of challenge, to be more proactive and better equipped to deliver creative solutions and recognise opportunities.

We’ll equip participants with tips, tricks & techniques to help them:

  • Use assertive behaviour and communication
  • Use flexible & adaptable behaviour to build effective relationships
  • Use tools and techniques to think innovatively
  • Adopt a positive ‘can do’ outlook, turning problems into opportunities
  • Naturally take risks and exercise your initiative
  • Think and problem solve creatively
  • Show high levels of self-awareness and regulation
  • Motivate self and others towards clear goals / outcomes

Our Clients & Partners

We're proud to work with such forward thinking and innovative clients...

We start every project by identifying the outcomes that are most important to you and your learners and then tailor our programmes and delivery to ensure success & impact against your specific objectives.

Each group of learners is different and we reflect and react to this to provide a tailored, customised learner journey that is self-paced, rewarding and that also creates a positive impact on our learners.