Uprising Entrepreneurship Workshop

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21st March 2017
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Uprising Entrepreneurship Workshop

Uprising’s Fasteners programme is an eight day programme for 18-25 year olds who are looking to kick start their career.  The programme is designed to build confidence and knowledge, introduce participants to a range of potential employers and develop the skills needed to get that dream job.

As part of this programme enploy delivered a workshop on entrepreneurial mindset within which the participants also took our proprietary entrepreneurial mindset diagnostic.

Holly Thomas, Fasteners Project Manager at Uprising commented that “The entrepreneurial mindset session was important and of benefit to the young people because it was a great introduction into what entrepreneurship is, the qualities and attributes that entrepreneurs often have and it set up the young people to then explore iCentrum and hear from entrepreneurs about their journey”

We were delighted to offer use of our entrepreneurial mindset diagnostic to help participants self reflect on the strengths and weaknesses in their mindset & behaviours and to provide insightful and advice to help kickstart the participants careers.

If you’re interested in a custom workshop on entrepreneurship, delivered by entrepreneurs and incorporating use of our mindset diagnostic tools please drop us a line on info@enploy.co.uk


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