How Entrepreneurial will the future board be?

Prof Richard Crisp Joins The Team…
21st March 2017
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How Entrepreneurial will the future board be?

Challenges for future leaders

In PWCs 2016, 19th Global CEO Survey, UK leaders highlighted a current focus on the future leaders of tomorrow pipeline, in order to remain relevant and competitive. The challenges that these future leaders will face are complex. There is an increasing pace of change, driving the need for even more innovation. Technological advancements will continue to bring both huge advantages, and serious cyber security threats. Managing change, driving growth, and embracing employee engagement are further every day challenges that will be faced by future business leaders.

Future leaders expectations

And what do these future millennial CEOs expect from their careers, leaders and their employment?

It is widely documented is that millennial talent is challenging CEOs for greater flexibility in their work and personal lives. Todays young professionals are also looking for more satisfaction from work with an expectation that leaders enable their staff to build culture, instead of dictating it.

Entrepreneurial Leaders

Another well cited statistic is that: 60% of millennials consider themselves Entrepreneurs and 90% recognise Entrepreneurship as a mentality.

In building the successful pipeline of leaders of tomorrow, todays CEOs can look towards those who have learnt to apply essential principles of Entrepreneurship at work. Their core skills sitting in; Creativity, risk-taking, pro-activity and recognising opportunity. They are self-confident but very open to change, and behave with integrity and authenticity. This new generation is looking to build sustainable profit growth.

If these core Entrepreneurial skills form part of the bedrock for future CEOs, screening for these and training these skills is becoming increasingly important.  Join us on Thursday 29th September to discuss Entrepreneurship in the boardroom and consider the value of screening, training and developing these traits within your work place.


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